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A comprehensive resource

You can view some sample pages from What's What in Titles of Classical Music... and beyond  by clicking on the links below to see the first pages of each section. Please note that these sample pages represent only a small fraction of the nearly 530 pages of the printed book.

You can also click on the sample titles to the right to view their full entries set in the book, with the other entries surrounding them on the page.

This dictionary includes a User's guide (in five languages; see below), a main section called List of titles, two indexes called Index of composers and Index of names, and appendixes on Bach's cantatas and on the Psalms.

This section helps you with the format, content and abbreviations used in the book. It also presents a list of cataloguers of composers’ works.


English - Français - Deutsch - Italiano - Español. The User’s guide (explanations abbreviations, etc.) is translated into French, German, Italian and Spanish. The List of titles also includes many titles in those and other languages, with their translation or explanation in English.

A full list of over 30,000 work and movement titles and subtitles, with entries which may include source, explanation or translation of titles in foreign languages, name of composer, musical form, number or order of composition, movements, parts, key signature, opus or catalogue number, year of composition or publication, additional comments or cross-references.

Full index of composers, with all the titles appearing in the List of titles where the name of the composer is mentioned.

Full index of authors, poets, librettists, choreographers, conductors, musicians, film directors, artists and various personalities (kings, politicians, astronomers...), with all the titles appearing in the List of titles where the name is mentioned.

Numerical and alphabetical lists of Bach’s cantatas and of the Psalms.

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