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A reference book for all music lovers.


What is the original title in German of Mozart’s A Little Night Music? Who composed the music of Evita? And who was Evita? In Concierto de Aranjuez by Rodrigo, what is Aranjuez? In what year did Verdi compose his opera Rigoletto? What is Mozartiana? And Vangoghiana? And over 100 other titles ending in ...iana? Who articulated the concept of The Four Freedoms? And what are they? And who wrote a piece about them? Name the muse of music... and of dance... and composers who used the names of these muses as titles. Who wrote the novel on which the musical The Phantom of the Opera is based? On which Shakespeare’s play did Bernstein base his musical West Side Story?


What’s What in Titles of Classical Music... and beyond  is much more than a "standard" repertoire of mostly Western classical music titles for the past five centuries. In a short paragraph for each title, entries may include its source, explanation or translation for foreign titles, name of composer, musical form, number or order of composition, movements, parts, key signature, opus or catalogue number, year of composition or publication, additional comments or cross-references.

From the many explanations, translations and cross-references included for many titles in a variety of languages, it is as much a multilingual reference as a musical dictionary, making it interesting and helpful to musicians, composers, music scholars, professors and students, librarians, music store managers, radio programmers and music lovers in general.


                                 Une révision récente a permis d'ajouter de nombreux titres en français.

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